9th Class Social Science Preventing Common Man Made Disasters Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Preventing Common Man-Made Disasters

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    Mention some good driving habits that would go a long way in ensuring safety on roads for vehicle users and for pedestrians. 


    Good driving habits in ensuring safety on roads:
    (a) Be a licenced driver and keep the licence with yourself whenever you are driving.
    (b) Pay head to road traffic signs and move in your lane.
    (c) Replace worn out tyres; atleast 10% of the road accidents occur due to faulty tyres.
    (d) Check air pressure of tyres, radiator water, break oil and fuel everyday.
    (e) Dip your beam whenever you spot an oncoming vehicle. In case the light is not dipped, the driven on the opposite side can get dazzled, which can cause accident.
    (f) When riding a two-wheeler, use helmets for the safety of rider and the pillion rider.

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