9th Class Social Science Becoming a Disaster Manager Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Becoming a Disaster Management-Understanding Key Terms

  • question_answer Match each of the items in column A with the items in column B. You may have more than one item in column A. matching with the same item in column B. Column A                                                                                Column B
    (i) Large mound of Earth (a) Disaster preparedness
    (ii) Early warning and evacuation Task force Member (b) Hazard characteristics
    (iii) Food, water and medical supplies in the shelter Management (c) Community based Disaster
    (iv) Multi-purpose cyclone shelter (d) Disastcr mitigation
    (v) Devastating everything in its path ... people, cattle. homes, trees, electricity poles ' (e) Emergency supplies
    (vi) Pre-positioned (food, water, and medical supplies) ... cyclone season (j) Hazard
    (g) Disaster
    (h) Vulnerability
    (i) Early warning system.


    (i) Large mound of Earth                               -            Disaster mitigation
    Early warning and evacuation                        -            Community based Disaster Management Task force member
    Food, water and medical supplies                  -             Emergency supplies in the shelter
    Multi-purpose cyclone shelter                         -             Disaster mitigation
    Devastating everything in its  path                  -            Disaster people,cattle, homes, trees, electricity poles
    Pre-positioned (food, water and                     -             Disaster preparedness medical supplies) ... cyclone season


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