10th Class Social Science Consumer Rights Question Bank Short Answer Type - Consumer Rights

  • question_answer Describe the salient features of the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. How did it enhance the powers of the redressal machinery of India?                                                                                                         [Foreign 2005]


    Salient features of consumer protection Act, 1986 are:

    (i) It applies to all goods and services.
    (ii) It covers all the sectors whether private, public or cooperative.
    (iii) It gives various right to the consumers.
    (iv) It also established consumer protection councils at the central and state levels to promote and protect the right of the consumers.
    (v) It provides a separate three-tier quasijudicial machinery at the national state and district levels.
    The Act provides for the establishment Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies of District, State and National levels for the protection and promotion of consumer interests and to redress their grievances in a speedy, simple and inexpensive manner. The agencies are required to dispose of each complaint within three months. At the national level, it is called the National Consumer Commission, which is the apex court under the Act, and functions at Delhi.
    At the state level, it is called the State Consumer Commission.
    At the district level, it is called District Forum.
    These courts look into grievances and complaints of the consumers against the traders and manufacturers and provide the necessary relief and compensation.


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