6th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Reading Comprehension

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    Read the following passages carefully and using the options provided, answer the questions that follow.
    The Grateful Ant
    One day, an ant went down to the bank of a river. She was very thirsty. However, as she bent down to drink, she slipped and fell into the water. The ant tried to swim back to the bank, but she was unable to reach it. The current of the river was too strong for her. Just then, a bird flew by. He saw the ant struggling in the water. The bird took pity on the ant. He flew down and picked up a leaf. Flying over the ant, the bird dropped the leaf into the water. The ant climbed onto the leaf and was at last safe. A few days later, the ant came across the bird which had saved her life. The bird was perched on a branch. Suddenly, the ant noticed a hunter who was aiming his rifle at the bird. The ant ran towards the hunter and bit his ankle. The hunter yelled out in pain. The bird heard the hunter yell and quickly flew away. The brave ant had saved the bird's life.
    Why did the ant save the bird?

    A)                       She was grateful to the bird.  

    B)               She was brave.

    C)               She took pity on the bird.

    D)               She was angry with hunter.

    Correct Answer: A

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