6th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Reading Comprehension

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    Read the following passages carefully and using the options provided, answer the questions that follow.
    Prem looked at his examination results slip with a heavy heart. He knew that he had disappointed his mother. One day, Prem was asked to come to the staff room. To his surprise, there was nobody there. But he suddenly noticed something jutting out of the record book. The words "Final Semester Test" were written on the paper. Prem's hand reached out for the paper, but he could not look at it. His mother had always emphasised that the labour of hard work was rewarding while dishonesty would only bring misfortune. Prem quickly turned away to leave the staff room. He was shocked to see his History teacher observing him. She was pleased that Prem had decided not to cheat. She offered to tutor him after school. Prem scored 2 A's and 3 B's in the final semester. His mother was very proud of him. Prem was glad that he had listened to his mother's advice.
    Why didn't Prem take the Final Semestar Test paper though the paper was within his reach ?

    A)                       The paper was not for his exam.

    B)               The teacher was observing him.

    C)               He could not disobey his teacher.

    D)               He could not go against his mother's wishes.  

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

                     His mother 'always emphasised' the labours of hard work, warned him of the consequences of dishonesty, as she wanted him to be an honest boy. Choice [d] is the most apt choice. Choice [b] is incorrect because he did not know that the teacher was observing him till he decided not to take the paper and turned to go.

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