10th Class Mathematics Probability Question Bank Probability

  • question_answer It is know that a box of 600 electric bulbs contains 12 defective bulbs. One bulb is taken out at random from this box. What is the probability that it is a non-defective bulb?

    A)  \[0.45\]                  

    B)  \[0.98\]                       

    C)  \[0.57\]                       

    D)  \[0.85\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

                        Out of 600 electric bulbs one bulb can be chosen in 600 ways.                            \[\therefore \] Total number of elementary events = 600 There are 588 \[(=600-12)\] non-defective bulbs out of which one bulb can be chosen in 588 ways. \[\therefore \] Favorable number of elementary events = 588 Hence, P (Getting a non-defective bulb) \[=\frac{588}{600}\,=\frac{49}{50}\,=0.98\]


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