JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Nitrogen Containing Compounds Question Bank Preparation of Nitrogen Containing Compounds

  • question_answer Aromatic nitriles (ArCN) are not prepared by reaction [AIIMS 2004]

    A) ArX + KCN          

    B) \[ArN_{2}^{+}+CuCN\]

    C) \[ArCON{{H}_{2}}+{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{5}}\] 

    D) \[ArCON{{H}_{2}}+SOC{{l}_{  2}}\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Halogen have ?I and +M effect by which its electron delocalized in benzene ring by resonance & due to its ?I effect its bonded with benzene ring and cannot be substitute by \[C{{N}^{-}}\] & show the inertness against \[KCN\] while other option gives Aromatic nitrile                    \[ArN_{2}^{+}+CuCN\to ArCN+{{N}_{2}}+C{{u}^{+}}\]                    \[ArCON{{H}_{2}}\underset{-{{H}_{2}}O}{\mathop{\xrightarrow{{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{5}}}}}\,ArCN\]                 \[ArCON{{H}_{2}}+SOC{{l}_{2}}\to ArCN+S{{O}_{2}}+2HCl\]


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