JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Nitrogen Containing Compounds Question Bank Preparation of Nitrogen Containing Compounds

  • question_answer Amides may be converted into amines by reaction named after                        [CPMT 1974; MP PET 1992; CBSE PMT 1999]

    A)                 Perkin  

    B)                 Claisen

    C)                 Hoffmann          

    D)                 Kolbe

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

               Hofmann?s bromamide reaction                    \[\underset{\text{Acetamide}}{\mathop{C{{H}_{3}}-CO-N{{H}_{2}}}}\,+B{{r}_{2}}+4KOH\xrightarrow{{{H}_{2}}O}\]       \[\underset{\text{Methyl}\,\,\text{amine}}{\mathop{C{{H}_{3}}N{{H}_{2}}}}\,+{{K}_{2}}C{{O}_{3}}+2KBr+2{{H}_{2}}O\]


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