6th Class Mathematics Practical Geometry Question Bank Practical Geometry

  • question_answer The measurements of \[\Delta DEF\] are \[EF=8.4\text{ }cm,\] \[\angle E=100{}^\circ \] and\[\angle F=82{}^\circ \]. Which of the following is correct?

    A)  ADEF can be constructed.          

    B)  ADEF is an obtuse angled triangle.

    C)  A cannot be constructed           

    D)  ADEF is an acute angled triangle.

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    \[\Delta le\]cannot be constructed as sum of only two \[\Delta les\] \[\angle E\] & \[\angle F>180{}^\circ (\angle E+\angle F=182{}^\circ ),\]which is not possible in a Ale.


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