6th Class Mathematics Practical Geometry Question Bank Practical Geometry

  • question_answer A perpendicular is drawn to a line segment \[\overline{\text{MN}}\] at N using protractor and point P is marked on perpendicular, then _______.

    A)  \[\overline{\text{MP}}\bot \overline{\text{NP}}\]

    B)  \[\overline{\text{MN}}||\overline{\text{NP}}\]

    C)  \[\overline{\text{MN}}||\overline{\text{MP}}\]

    D)  \[\overline{\text{MN}}\bot \overline{\text{NP}}\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    \[\therefore \,\,\,\overline{MN}\,\bot \,\overline{NP}\]

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