UPSC History The Gupta Empire Question Bank Post Gupta Period

  • question_answer Which one of the following inscriptions mentions Pulakesin IPs military success against Harshavardhana? [2009-II]

    A)  Allahabad Pillar inscription

    B)  Aihole inscription

    C)  Damodarpur Copperplate inscription

    D)  Bilsad inscription

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     Pulakeshin II (610-642 CE) is the most famous ruler of the Chalukya dynasty. The Aihole inscription describes how the mighty Harsha lost his harsha (joy) when he suffered the ignominy of defeat. Pulakeshin entered into a treaty with Harsha, with the Narmada River designated as the border between the Chalukya Empire and that of Harshavardhana.


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