UPSC History The Gupta Empire Question Bank Post Gupta Period

  • question_answer Fa-Hien's mission to India was to     [2009-I]

    A)  leam about the administrative system of the Gupta kings

    B)  understand the social position of women during the Gupta period

    C)  visit the Buddhist institutions and to collect copies of Buddhist manuscripts

    D)  get full knowledge about the condition of peasants during the period of Gupta kings

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

     Fa-hien was a Chinese monk who travelled India during the age of Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya. He travelled during C 399-414. Fa-hien wanted to go to India to search for the treatises of the Vinaya Pitaka, die monastic rules of Buddhism. Travelling through Central Asia and Northwest India, Fa-hien reached northern India and then visited the holy Buddhist sites located in the Ganges valley: Kapiiavastu, the birthplace of Buddha; Bodhgaya, the site of Buddha's enlightenment; Samath, where Buddha preached his first sermon, and Kushinagara, the place of Buddha's" nirvana.


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