4th Class Mathematics Area, Perimeter and Volume Question Bank Perimeter & Area

  • question_answer The perimeter of the rectangle is twice the perimeter of the square. What is the length of each side of the square?

    A)               112 cm          

    B)    56 cm

    C)    28 cm            

    D)    7 cm

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Perimeter of the rectangle \[=\text{ 2(2}0+\text{8) cm}=\text{56 cm}\] Perimeter of the rectangle = 2 (Perimeter of the square) \[\therefore \] Perimeter of the square \[\frac{1}{2}=\times \text{ 56 cm}=\text{28 cm}\] \[\therefore \] Side of the square \[=\text{ 28 cm }\div \text{ 4}=\text{7 cm}\]


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