4th Class Mathematics Area, Perimeter and Volume Question Bank Perimeter & Area

  • question_answer The figure shows a framed picture. Find the perimeter of the picture in cm.

    A)  46                  

    B)    23                  

    C)  64                  

    D)    32

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    In , \[\text{P}=\text{2(}l+\text{b)}=\text{2(8}+\text{6)m}\] \[=\text{2 }\times \text{ 14m }=\text{ 28m}\] In , \[\text{s}=\text{7m }\Rightarrow \text{ P}=\text{4}\times \text{s}=\text{4}\times \text{7}=\text{28m}\] In , s = 6 m \[\text{P}=\text{4}\times \text{6}=\text{24m}\] Thus, the figure in option (a) has the least perimeter.


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