8th Class Mathematics Percentage Question Bank Percentage, Profit and Loss

  • question_answer By selling 24 pens, Kranthi lost an amount equal to the C.P. of 3 pens. Find his loss percentage

    A)  12.5%

    B)  13%            

    C)  12.75%                       

    D)  13.5%

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    (a): Let C.P of one pen = x C.P of 3 pens = 3x Let him sell at p% loss \[\Rightarrow S.P.=\frac{x(100-p)}{100}\] \[\Rightarrow S.P.(24\,pens)=\frac{24x(100-p)}{100}\] \[\therefore \frac{24x(100-p)}{100}=21x\] \[\Rightarrow 24(100-p)=2100\] \[\Rightarrow 300=24p\] \[\Rightarrow p=12.5%\]


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