8th Class Mathematics Percentage Question Bank Percentage, Profit and Loss

  • question_answer Rakesh purchased a T.V. for Rs. 5000 and paid Rs. 250 for its transportation. If he sold the T.V. for Rs. 5075, find his profit or loss percentage.

    A)  3.33%

    B)  3.45%          

    C)  3.56%                         

    D)  3.75%

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    (a): Total cost incurred \[=5000+250=5250/-\] \[S.P=5075\] \[\Rightarrow LOSS=5250-5075\] \[\Rightarrow Loss%=\frac{175}{5250}\times 1005\] \[=\frac{7}{210}\times 100%\] \[=\frac{1}{30}\times 100%\] \[=3\frac{1}{3}\times 3.33%\]    


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