8th Class Mathematics Percentage Question Bank Percentage, Profit and Loss

  • question_answer Two numbers are in ratio 3 : 4. 15% of larger number added to 53 becomes equal to 25% of smaller plus 29. The smaller number is

    A)  440                             

    B)  640           

    C)  680                             

    D)  480

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    (d): Let nos. be 3x and 4x. According to statement, \[\frac{15}{100}\times 4x+53=\frac{25}{100}\times 3x+29\] \[\Rightarrow 53-29=\frac{15}{100}x\]. \[\Rightarrow 24=\frac{15}{100}x\] \[\Rightarrow \frac{\cancel{24}\times 100}{\cancel{15}}=160\] \[3x=480.\]


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