3rd Class General Knowledge Our Body Question Bank Our Body

  • question_answer Match the following and select the correct answer:
    System Function
    A Circulatory i. Helps in production of spring
    B Skeletal system  ii. Helps the body to move 
    C Reproductive iii. Helps in the movement of blood
    D Respiratory iv. Helps in exchange of air

    A)  A-iii. B-iv, C-, D-ii

    B)  A-iii, B-ii, C-i, D-iv

    C)  A-iv, B-iii, C-ii, D-i

    D)  A-iii, B-i, C-iv, D-ii

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    [b] In human body,
    A: circulatory system helps in the movement of blood.
    B: skeletal system helps the body to move.
    C: reproductive system helps in production of offspring
    D: respiratory system helps in exchange of air.


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