3rd Class Science Motion and Time Question Bank Motion and Transport

  • question_answer Match the following:
    Column A Column B
    (i) Mobile phone [A] One of oldest means of communication
    (ii) Land line phone [B] We can carry anywhere
    (iii) Letter [C] Message send through computers
    (iv) E-mail [D] We cannot carry anywhere

    A) (i - D), (ii - C), (iii - B), (iv - A)

    B) (i - C), (ii - D), (iii - A), (iv - B)

    C) (i - B), (ii - D), (iii - A), (iv - C)     

    D) (i - D), (ii - A), (iii - B), (iv - C)

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: A

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