6th Class Mathematics Mental Ability Question Bank Mental Ability

  • question_answer Aman is facing towards west and turns through \[45{}^\circ \] clockwise, again \[180{}^\circ \] clockwise and then turns through \[270{}^\circ \] anticlockwise. In which direction is he facing with now.

    A)  West                          

    B)  North west

    C)  South            

    D)  South West

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Clock wise direction\[=45{}^\circ +180{}^\circ =225{}^\circ \] Anti-clock wise direction\[=270{}^\circ \] \[\therefore \]The required direction = Clock wise direction + Anti clock wise direction    = \[225{}^\circ +\left( -270 \right){}^\circ =-45{}^\circ \] i.e., \[45{}^\circ \]anticlockwise from initial position. \[\therefore \]  The required direction is South-west.            

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