6th Class Mathematics Mental Ability Question Bank Mental Ability

  • question_answer If \[\times \] means\[+\], \[+\] means\[\div \], \[\div \] means \[\times \] and \[\div \] means\[-\], then\[8\times 7-8+40\div 2=?\]

    A)  \[1\]                            

    B)  \[7\frac{2}{5}\]

    C) \[8\frac{3}{5}\]                                  

    D) \[44\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    \[8+7\times 8\div 40-2\] Now by Bobmas Rule \[\Rightarrow \]\[8+7\times 8\times \frac{1}{40}-2\] \[\Rightarrow \]\[8+7\times \frac{1}{5}-2=\,\,\Rightarrow \,\,8+\frac{7}{5}-2\] \[=\frac{40+7-10}{5}=\frac{37}{5}=7\frac{2}{5}\]

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