6th Class Mathematics Mensuration Question Bank Mensuration (Perimeter & Area, Review of Earlier Concepts)

  • question_answer How many tiles \[40\text{ }cm\times 40\text{ }cm\] each will be required to pave a footpath 1 m wide carried round the outside of a plot\[1800\,\,cm\times 28\,\,m\]?

    A)  600                            

    B)  5,2000        

    C)  9,900                         

    D)  5,250

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Footpath area \[=2\times (2800+200)\times 100+2\times 1800\times 100\] \[=6000\times 100+3600\times 100=960000\]                 No of tiles \[=\frac{461000}{40\times 100}\]

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