UPSC History Delhi Sultnat (Gulam, Khilji, Tughlak, Sayyed, Lodhi) Question Bank Medieval History

  • question_answer Consider the following regarding the Chola dynasty:
    1. All authority rested in the hands of the king, but he had a council of ministers to advise him.
    2. Chola rulers drew their income from tolls on trade, taxes on professions, and also from plunder of neigh bouring countries.
    3. The affairs of village administration were managed by the executive committee comprised of educated persons.
    Which of the above statements is/are correct?

    A)  1 and 2 only                

    B)  2 only

    C)  2 and 3 only                

    D)  1, 2 and 3

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

     Not Available


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