10th Class Mental Ability Mathematical Operations Question Bank Mathematical Operations

  • question_answer If \['\Delta '\] stands for \['+','{\mathrm O}'\] stands for\['-',\text{ }'\square '\] stands for \['\times '\] ' and ?*? stands for\['\div ',\] then which of the following is correct?




    D)  f

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

     : [a] \[8\div 2\times 4-2\times 2\times 2\times 2=0\ne 2.\] [b] \[14\div 2-8+2\times 6=11\ne 10\] [c] \[13-7+3\times 3\div 3=9=9\] [d] \[9-5\times 4+28\div 4=-4\ne 4\]

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