10th Class Mental Ability Mathematical Operations Question Bank Mathematical Operations

  • question_answer If > stands for +, < stands for -, + stands for \[\div ,\hat{\ }\] stands for \[\times ,-\]stands for =, x stands for > and = stands for <, then which of the following options is correct?                                                                                                                        (SOF NSO 2016)

    A)  \[18>12+4\times 7>8\hat{\ }2\]               

    B)  \[31>1<2=4>6\hat{\ }7\]

    C)  \[29<18+6=36+6\hat{\ }4\]             

    D)  \[32>6+2=6<7\hat{\ }2\]                                              

    Correct Answer: B

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