10th Class Mental Ability Mathematical Operations Question Bank Mathematical Operations

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    Direction:-Choose the correct order of signs from the four options given below, so the equations become correct.
    66___ 27___ 13___3

    A)  = - x               

    B)  x = -            

    C)  - = x                           

    D)  - x =

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

     :[a] \[66=27-13\times 3\Rightarrow 66\ne -12\] [b] \[66\times 27=13-3\Rightarrow 1782\ne 10\] [c] \[66-27=13\times 3\ne 39=39\] [d] \[66-27\times 13=3\Rightarrow -285\ne 3\]


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