6th Class Science Magnetism Question Bank Magnetism

  • question_answer DIRECTION: Match Column-I with Column-Hand, columns.
    Column - I Column - II
    A. Magnets (p) Occurs when a magnet is heated
    B. Horse shoe magnet (q) Should be kept in pairs with their opposite poles on the same side.
    C. Bar magnet (r) It is U-shaped
    D. Demagnetisation (s) Must always be kept away from mobiles, T.V., Music system, computers, etc.

    A)  \[A\to (p);B\to (r);C\to (q);D\to (s)\]

    B)  \[A\to (s);B\to (q);C\to (r);D\to (p)\]

    C)  \[A\to (r);B\to (p);C\to (s);D\to (q)\]

    D)  \[A\to (s);B\to (r);C\to (q);D\to (p)\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

         \[A\to (s);B\to (r);C\to (q);D\to (p)\]


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