9th Class Social Science Peasants and Farmers Question Bank Long Answer Type - Peasants and Farmers

  • question_answer How was the great Agrarian Depression set?


    (i) For the poorer farmers, machinery brought misery. Many of them deserted their farms and looked for jobs elsewhere.
    (ii) But jobs were difficult to find. Mechanisation had reduced the need for labour.
    (iii) The boom of the late 19th century seemed to have come to an end by the mid-1920s.
    (iv) After that, most farmers faced trouble. Production had expanded so rapidly during the war and post-war years that there was a large surplus.
    (v) Unsold stocks piled up, structures overflowed with grain and vast amounts of corn and wheat were turned into animal feed.
    (vi) Wheat prices fell and export workers collapsed. This created the grounds for the great Agrarian Depression of the 1930s that ruined wheat farmers everywhere.

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