6th Class Science The Living Organisms and their Surrounding Question Bank Living Organisms and their Surrounding

  • question_answer DIRECTION: Match Column-I with Column-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the columns.
    Column-I Column-II
    A. Temporary adaptation (p) Sage brush
    B. Permanent adaptation (q) Terrestrial habitat
    C. Desert plant (r) Presence of feathers in birds
    D. Forests (s) Tanning by sun

    A) \[A\to (s);B\to (r);C\to (p);D\to (q)\]

    B) \[A\to (r);B\to (s);C\to (p);D\to (q)\]

    C) \[A\to (q);B\to (p);C\to (r);D\to (s)\]

    D) \[A\to (p);B\to (q);C\to (s);D\to (r)\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

        \[A\to (s);B\to (r);C\to (p);D\to (q)\] Sage brush is a desert plant; forest is a kind of terrestrial habitat; Presence of feather sin birds is a permanent adaptation and tanning by sun is a temporary adaptation.


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