7th Class Computers Microsoft Excel Question Bank Introduction to MS-Excel 2010

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    Consider the given expression entered in a cell.
    = 476 + 28 * (100-(10)^2)
    What would be displayed in the cell when you type the given expression and then press the Enter key?

    A) #DIV/0!             

    B) 476

    C) #NAME?      

    D) 0

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Excel follows the BODMAS rule while evaluating arithmetic expression. So, firstly inner bracket will be solved and then the outer bracket and then the rest as shown here: \[476+28*(100-10\wedge 2)\to 476+28*\left( 100-100 \right)\to 476+28*\left( 0 \right)~\to 476+28*0~\to 476+0~\to 476\]


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