UPSC History The Harappan Civilization Question Bank Indus Valley Civizlization

  • question_answer The unique structure in Mohenjodaro was:

    A)  Bathing pool                

    B)  Assembly hall   

    C)         Granary           

    D)         Dockyard         

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    The bathing pool was the unique structure of Mohenjodaro. It measures \[11.88\times 1.01\times 2.43\text{ }mt\]. The floor of the bath pool was made of burnt bricks.     Granary was found in Harappa and was built on a massive brick foundation over the area of 45 square meters.\[A,55\times 37\]meters of area of granary was found in Mohenjodaro. Dockyard having the area of \[37\times 22\] meters was found in Lothal.


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