6th Class Social Science India : Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife Question Bank India-Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife - Long answer Type Question

  • question_answer What steps has the Indian Government taken to conserve forests in India?


    The Government of India is making policies to protect and conserve the forests. India, as per its plan, should have a forest cover amounting to 33% of the total land area. However, due to rapidly growing population there is an increasing demand of land for agriculture, industries and for the expanding towns and cities as well. As a result, we are now left with only 20.64% of forest-cover which is an alarming situation. The government started a plantation programmer known as Vanmahotsav. To reduce global warming due to deforestation, trees are planted in large numbers to increase forest areas. All wastelands are brought under plantation. In addition, both sides of the roads and hill slopes are being planted with trees. Strict laws have been made against illegal felling of trees.             The government has also made some forest reserves to conserve forests. It has announced awards such as Vrikshamitra to promote plantation of trees, and to prevent deforestation as well. The environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna has earned great fame as he has contributed significantly to stop deforestation.

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