6th Class Social Science India : Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife Question Bank India-Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife - Long answer Type Question

  • question_answer Why does India have a large variety of forests?


    India has a wide variety of vegetation? India is a big country. It occupies a vast expanse on the world map. Both attitudinally and longitudinally, it extends beyond \[30{}^\circ \]. At certain places, its altitude can be measured more than 8,000 metres. It has a wide range of annual rainfall and temperature. In certain areas like the desert of Rajasthan, the annual rainfall is well below 25 centimetres whereas, in the wet areas of Meghalaya such as Mawsynram, the annual rainfall record may be well over 467 centimetres. With such varied climatic conditions, India has a wide range of natural vegetation and wildlife.


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