JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry States of Matter Question Bank Ideal gas equation and Related gas laws

  • question_answer Hydrogen diffuses six times faster than gas \[A\]. The molar mass of gas \[A\] is               [KCET  2004]

    A)                 72          

    B)                 6

    C)                 24          

    D)                 36

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

               \[\frac{{{r}_{A}}}{{{r}_{H}}}=\sqrt{\frac{{{M}_{H}}}{{{M}_{A}}}}\] \[=\frac{r}{6r}=\sqrt{\frac{2}{{{M}_{A}}}}\]                                 \[{{M}_{A}}=6\times 6\times 2=72g\]

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