JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry States of Matter Question Bank Ideal gas equation and Related gas laws

  • question_answer Two separate bulbs contain ideal gases A and B. The density of gas A is twice that of gas B. The molecular mass of A is half that of gas B. The two gases are at the same temperature. The ratio of the pressure of A to that of gas B is [BHU 1994]

    A)                 2             

    B)                 1/2

    C)                 4             

    D)                 ¼

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

               \[{{d}_{a}}=2{{d}_{b}}\] ; \[2{{M}_{a}}={{M}_{b}}\]                    \[PV=nRT=\frac{m}{M}RT\];  \[P=\frac{m}{V}.\frac{RT}{M}=\frac{dRT}{M}\]                              \[\frac{{{P}_{a}}}{{{P}_{b}}}=\frac{{{d}_{a}}}{{{d}_{b}}}\frac{{{M}_{b}}}{{{M}_{a}}}=\frac{2{{d}_{b}}}{{{d}_{b}}}\times \frac{2{{M}_{a}}}{{{M}_{a}}}=4\]

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