JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry States of Matter Question Bank Ideal gas equation and Related gas laws

  • question_answer If the absolute temperature of an ideal gas become double and pressure become half, the volume of gas would be [Kerala CET 2005]

    A)                 Remain unchange           

    B)                 Will be double

    C)                 Will be four time             

    D)                 will be half

    E)                 Will be one fourth

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

               \[{{P}_{1}}=P,\,{{V}_{1}}=V,\,{{T}_{1}}=T\]                    \[{{P}_{2}}\frac{P}{2},\,\,{{V}_{2}}=?,\,\,{{T}_{2}}=T\]                    According to gas equation                    \[\frac{{{P}_{1}}{{V}_{1}}}{{{T}_{1}}}=\frac{{{P}_{2}}{{V}_{2}}}{{{T}_{2}}}\] or \[\frac{PV}{T}=\frac{P{{V}_{2}}}{2T}\]                                 \[\therefore \]  \[{{V}_{2}}=4V\]

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