10th Class Social Science Novels, Society and History Question Bank HOTS Questions - Novels Society And History

  • question_answer 'Novels often act as an instrument for expressing social issues.' Justify the statement by giving examples of any two novels under study.


    By the turn of 19th century novel began to acts as vehicles of social change. Many novelist dealt with real life situations and problems of caste, religion, discrimination against women, etc.
    For example, in the novel Indulekha, the author Chandu Menon had depicted Indulekha as a woman of breath taking beauty, high intellectual ability, and education and with great artistic talent. She married Madhavan, a highly educated intelligent, person belonging to a lower caste, rejecting a high class Shri Nambuthiri, a foolish landlord who came to marry Indulekha.
    The novel thus stresses on the woman freedom of choice in marriage as well as about the uselessness of caste against qualities of character.
    Similarly in, Premchand's novel Godan, the author had depicted the exploitation, that goes on in society. But at the same time the protagonists Hari and Dhania retain their dignity till the end. These novels thus mirror the important social issues and the desire of common people to have the right to live in their own way.


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