10th Class Social Science Novels, Society and History Question Bank HOTS Questions - Novels Society And History

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    Look at the caricature carefully and answer the following questions:
    (a) Who is the woman of mind in this picture?
    (b) How is the other woman different from her?
    (c) On the basis of the picture, visualise a day for the man in the family.
    (d) Do you think the picture gives a true picture, if not what is the reason for such depiction?


    (a) The woman with pen in hand and with glasses sitting on the chair in front of a table is the 'woman of mind' in the picture.
    (b) The other woman is depicted sitting on the looking after the kids.
    (c) The pictures tries to depict that when woman takes to writing the children get neglected, the households is in mess, the man of the family instead of going to office has to look after the kids. In short the traditional role of woman is reversed.
    (d) It is not necessarily true, that if woman begins to write novels, the household would be neglected. There are numerous woman writers who have balanced writing with household work. They write in their spare time. Husbands too voluntarily share work if they find their wives have talent in writing. The main reason for such depiction is most probably driven by the fear that if women became authors they would not perform the traditional role of women and their children would be neglected. Basically this is to dissuade women from independent thinking.


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