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  • question_answer A solid cube and a solid sphere of the same material have equal surface area. Both are at the same temperature \[120{}^\circ C,\] then

    A)  both the cube and the sphere cool down at the same rate

    B)  the cube cools down faster than the sphere  

    C)  the sphere cools down faster than the cube

    D)  whichever is having more mass will cool down faster

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     Rate of cooling of a body R\[=\frac{\Delta \theta }{t}=\frac{A\varepsilon \sigma ({{T}^{4}}-{{T}_{0}}^{4})}{mc}\] \[\Rightarrow R\propto \frac{A}{m}\propto \frac{Area}{Volume}[m=\rho \times V]\] \[\Rightarrow \] For the same surface area. \[R\propto \frac{1}{Volume}\]             Volume of cube < Volume of sphere \[\Rightarrow {{R}_{cube}}>{{R}_{sphere}}\] Sphere i.e., cube, cools down with faster rate.


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