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  • question_answer  5g ice at \[0{}^\circ C\] is mixed with 5g of steam at \[100{}^\circ C\] What is the final temperature?

    A)  \[50{}^\circ C\]                       

    B)  \[100{}^\circ C\]  

    C)  \[80{}^\circ C\]               

    D)         \[150{}^\circ C\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     Heat required by ice to raise its temperature to \[100{}^\circ C,\] \[\begin{align}   & {{Q}_{1}}={{m}_{1}}{{L}_{1}}+{{m}_{1}}{{c}_{1}}{{\theta }_{1}}=5\times 80+5\times 1\times 100 \\  & =400+500=900cal \\ \end{align}\] Heat given by steam when condensed, \[\begin{align}   & {{Q}_{2}}={{m}_{2}}{{L}_{2}}=5\times 536=2680cal \\  & {{Q}_{2}}>{{Q}_{1}} \\ \end{align}\] This means that whole steam is not even condensed. Hence temperature of mixture will remain at \[100{}^\circ C\].


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