JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry The p-block Elements-II Question Bank Halogen Family

  • question_answer Which one below is a pseudohalide [AIIMS 1982]

    A) \[C{{N}^{-}}\]

    B) \[ICl\]

    C) \[I{{F}_{5}}\]

    D) \[I_{3}^{-}\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Pseudohalide ions and Pseudohalogens There are certain monovalent negative ions made up of two or more electronegative atoms which exhibit properties similar to these of halide ions. Such ions are known as pseudo halide ions just as halide ions, pseudo halide ions have also corresponding dimoric molecules. These are called pseudo halogens and show properties similar to those of halogens. Pseudohalide Pseudohalogens \[C{{N}^{-}}\]cyanide \[{{(CN)}_{2}}\] Cyanogen \[SC{{N}^{-}}\] Thiocyanate \[{{(SCN)}_{2}}\] Thiocyanogen

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