JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry The p-block Elements-II / p-ब्लॉक तत्व-II Question Bank Halogen Family

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    What is the product obtained in the reaction of \[HgC{{l}_{2}}\] and \[Hg{{(CN)}_{2}}\] [MP PET 2002]

    A) \[{{(CN)}_{2}}\]

    B) Addition compound \[HgC{{l}_{2}}.\,Hg{{(CN)}_{2}}\]

    C) \[Hg(CN)\,Cl\]

    D) \[Hg\,[Hg{{(CN)}_{2}}C{{l}_{2}}]\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

      \[\underset{\text{Mercuric}\,\,\text{chloride}}{\mathop{HgC{{l}_{2}}}}\,+\underset{\text{Mercuric}\,\,\text{cyanide}}{\mathop{Hg\,{{(CN)}_{2}}}}\,\to HgC{{l}_{2}}\,.\,Hg\,{{(CN)}_{2}}\]

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