UPSC Geography Interior of the earth Question Bank Geomorphology

  • question_answer Match the following:
    List-I (Mountain Types) List-II (Mountains)
    A. Block Mountain 1. Appalachian
    B. Old fold mountain 2. Rocky
    C. Young fold mountain 3. Black Forest
    D. Volcanic mountain 4.  Socottish Highlands
    E. Relict mountain 5. Vesuvious

    A)                            A-1       B-3       C-2       D-5       E-4

    B)             A-3       B-1       C-4       D-2       E-5

    C)             A-3       B-1       C-2       D-5       E-4

    D)             A-4       B-1       C-2       D-3       E-5

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Block Mountain Black forest
    Old Fold Mountain Appalachian
    Young Fold Mountain Rocky
    Volcanic Mountain Vesuvious
    Relict Mountain So cattish Highlands


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