6th Class Mathematics Fractions Question Bank Fractions

  • question_answer Which of the following statements is CORRECT?
    Statement - 1: Mrs Soni bought \[7\frac{1}{2}\] litres of milk. Out of this, \[5\frac{3}{4}\] litres was consumed. \[1\frac{1}{3}\] litres of milk is left with her.
    Statement - 2: Amit reads \[\frac{3}{5}\] of a book. He finds that there are still 80 pages left to be read. Total number of pages in the book is 200.

    A)  Only Statement-1

    B)  Only Statement-2

    C)  Both Statement-1 and Statement-2

    D)  Neither Statement-1 and nor Statement-2

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Statement-1: Total quantity of milk bought \[=7\frac{1}{2}\] litres \[=\frac{15}{2}\]litres Quantity of milk consumed \[=5\frac{3}{4}\text{litres}\] \[=\frac{23}{4}\text{litres}\] \[\therefore \] Quantity of milk left \[=\left( \frac{15}{2}-\frac{23}{4} \right)\]litres \[=\left( \frac{30-23}{4} \right)\text{litres=}\frac{7}{4}\] litres \[=1\frac{3}{4}\text{litres}\] Statement ? 2: Let total number of pages in the book be x. According to question, \[\frac{3}{5}x+80=x\] \[\Rightarrow x-\frac{3}{5}x=80\Rightarrow \frac{2x}{5}=80\Rightarrow x=\frac{80\times 5}{2}\] \[\Rightarrow x=200\] \[\therefore \] Total number of pages =200 Hence, only statement-2 is true.

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