7th Class Mathematics Fractions and Decimals Question Bank Fractions and Decimals

  • question_answer Don Bradman Scored 7996 runs from 80 innings. Sehwag scored 10000 runs from 160 innings. Rahul Dravid scored 13000 runs from 200 innings. Who scored maximum runs per innings?

    A)  Don Bradman

    B)  Sehwag       

    C)  Rahul Dravid                

    D)  Cannot Say

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    (a) Average runs per innings:        Don Bradman\[=\frac{7996}{80}=99.95\] Sehwag \[=\frac{10000}{160}=\frac{125}{2}=62.5\] Rahul Dravid \[=\text{ }\frac{13000}{200}=\frac{130}{2}=65.00\] \[\therefore \] Maximum \[\to \] Don Bradman       


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