JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Equilibrium Question Bank Equilibrium state

  • question_answer For the reaction \[PC{{l}_{3}}(g)+C{{l}_{2}}(g)\] ⇌ \[PC{{l}_{5}}(g)\] the position of equilibrium can be shifted to the right by           [MP PMT 2004]

    A)                 Increasing the temperature

    B)                 Doubling the volume

    C)                 Addition of \[C{{l}_{2}}\] at constant volume

    D)                 Addition of equimolar quantities of \[PC{{l}_{3}}\]and \[PC{{l}_{5}}\]

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

                    According to Le-chatelier principle when concentration of reactant increases, the equilibrium shift in favour of forward reaction.

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