2nd Class Science Our Universe Question Bank Earth and Universe

  • question_answer Farheen drew a diagram of the Moon she saw on one night. After few nights, she drew another  diagram of what the Moon looked like then. Why does the Moon look different on different nights?

    A)  The Moon grows in size day by day.

    B)  It comes nearer to Earth day by day.

    C)  We only see that part of the Moon which is lit up by the Sun.

    D)  Both (a) and (c)

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Moon reflects the light of the Sun, therefore we see only that part of the Moon which is lit up by the Sun; the other part remains dark and thus is invisible to us. As the Moon revolves around Earth which itself revolves around Sun, the area of the Moon lit up by Sun changes, i.e., decreases gradually and then increases again. This changes the shape of Moon visible to us but actually there is no change in Moon's shape.

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