6th Class Mental Ability Data Handling Question Bank Data Handling

  • question_answer The following list shows the time taken (in hours) by each of 30 students to finish their homework on a certain day.
    \[2.5~\,\,1.3\text{ }2.6\text{ }2.4\text{ }1.8\text{ }3.7\text{ }0.8\text{ }2.6\text{ }1.2\text{ }3.2\]
    \[3.3\,\,~1.7\text{ }2.0\text{ }3.8\text{ }2.9\text{ }2.1~1.1\text{ }1.0\text{ }2.4\text{ }2.8\]
    \[0.7\text{ }1.4\text{ }0.9\text{ }2.5\text{ }2.1\text{ }1.8\text{ }1.3\text{ }8.9\text{ }2.8\text{ }8.0\]
    Find the percentage of students who took more than 3 hours to finish their homework.

    A)  12%                           

    B)  10%               

    C)    20%               

    D)    5%

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

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