12th Class Chemistry Nuclear Chemistry Question Bank Critical Thinking Nuclear chemistry

  • question_answer 8 gms of a radioactive substance is reduced to \[0.5\,g\] after 1 hour. The \[{{t}_{1/2}}\] of the radioactive substance is                   [DCE 2000]

    A)            15 min

    B)            30 min

    C)            45 min                                     

    D)            10 min

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

           \[{{N}_{o}}=8gms,\,\]N = 0.5g and t = 1 hr. = 60 min. find \[{{t}_{1/2}}\] by \[t=\frac{2.303\times {{t}_{1/2}}}{0.693}\log \frac{{{N}_{o}}}{N}\].                        

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