8th Class Mathematics Comparing Quantities Question Bank Comparing Queantities

  • question_answer If Rs. 782 be divided into 3 parts, proportional to \[\frac{1}{2}:\frac{2}{3}:\frac{3}{4}\], then the first part is

    A)  Rs. 182                        

    B)  Rs. 190

    C)  Rs. 196                        

    D)  Rs. 204

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    (d) \[\frac{1}{2}:\frac{2}{3}:\frac{3}{4}\] Multiplying by 12, this is same as 6 : 8 : 9 Now \[6x+8x+9x=782\] \[23x=782\] \[\Rightarrow x=34\] \[\Rightarrow 6x=204/-\]


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